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What is Dock Receipt author: time:2014-09-11  

The dock receipt---shipping note---when signed by the receiving clerk (cargo checker) at the container terminal or dock is a proof of the delivery of goods.

Please see the sample Dock Receipt below. The format of the dock receipt varies, but the contents are basically the same. Some dock receipts may include the Commodity Code (of goods) field. In practice, the commodity code of goods may be entered in the "Description of Packages and Goods" field in the dock receipt.

The dock receipt is made out by the customs broker following the instructions and information contained in the shipping order (S/O), B/L application-instructions (BLAI or the export shipping instructions) and packing list.

The number of copies of the dock receipt required depends on the circumstances. Certain countries require a fixed number, where at least one signed copy is returned to the forwarding agent or the shipper as proof of delivery. The bill of lading (B/L) is issued in due course in exchange for the dock receipt.

The bill of lading (B/L) is made out word for word according to the dock receipt. Therefore, it is very important that the shipper provides the correct information in the B/L application-instructions and packing list, and that the customs broker or forwarder does not make any errors and omissions in the dock receipt, otherwise a discrepancy may occur in the B/L and the bank will reject the documents.

The phrase "only clean dock receipt accepted" in the dock receipt is to ensure that the receiving clerk (cargo checker) at the container terminal or dock puts a 'clean' or similar notation on the conditions of goods received.

The dock receipt can be clean or foul (unclean, dirty or claused). If a dock receipt is clean, the bill of lading (B/L) issued in due course will be clean, otherwise the B/L will be foul (please refer to the Clean versus Foul Bills of Lading for more information).

Mate's Receipt

The counterpart of the dock receipt that is used in the chartering trades is known as mate's receipt. The mate's receipt is signed by the mate (the deck officer) of the vessel.


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