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What is Shipping Order (S/O) author: time:2014-09-01  

The shipping order---shipping permit---is issued by the shipping company to a shipper with a confirmed space booking, authorizing the receiving clerk (cargo checker) at the container terminal or dock to receive a specified amount of goods from the named shipper.

A shipping order (S/O) typically contains the space booking number, names and addresses of the shipper and customs broker or forwarder, vessel and voyage number, sailing time, delivery date and location, customs closing date, and number and type of packages.

The customs broker or forwarder usually requires the packing list of a consignment in order to book the shipping space and to obtain the S/O and/or to prepare the dock receipt (shipping note). In some cases, the presentation of the packing list and a valid export permit is required to obtain the S/O.

The S/O accompanies the dock receipt and the deliverer of the goods presents these two and other documents that may be required in the delivery to the receiving clerk (cargo checker) at theclosing location. In certain countries, only the space booking number is needed instead of a formal S/O, since the information in an S/O is found in the dock receipt.


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