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What is the Tare Mass of Containers author: time:2014-08-15  

Tare Mass

Tare Mass---tare weight or tare---is the mass (or weight) of empty container, including all fittings and appliances used in a particular type of container in its normal operating condition.

The tare mass of containers may vary due to the different construction techniques and materials used in the container. A 20' x 8.5' dry cargo container may weigh 1,800 kgs. to 2,400 kgs., a 40' x 8.5' may weigh 2,800 kgs. to 4,000 kgs, and a 40' x 9.5' may weigh 3,900 kgs. to 4,200 kgs. Some dry cargo containers may fall outside the indicated weight range. The reefer weighs more than a dry cargo container of the same size.


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