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Iran's Oceangoing Vessel to Come into Operation in June

source:hellenicshippingnews author: time:2014-05-04  

Iran's first home-made oceangoing vessel will launch operation in the next two months, a researcher at the Iranian National Institute for Oceanography (INIO) announced.

"The construction of the body of this ship has progressed 100 percent and is in its final stage," INIO Faculty Member Abbas Nobakhti told FNA.

He announced that Iran will join the club of the pioneering countries in manufacturing oceangoing and oceanography vessels in late May or early June.

"About 80 percent of the world's waters are available for field studies by all countries and that is why we see that many countries come near Iran's territorial waters to conduct geological and biological studies and do chemistry and physics-related research," Nobakhti said.

He underlined that Iran's oceanography ship has been built to conduct research in the Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman, the Arab Sea (in Northeastern parts of the Indian Ocean) and the Indian Ocean.

In July 2012, INIO Managing Director Vahid Chegini announced that Iran is due to build an oceangoing research vessel.

Referring to Iran's advancements in the field of oceanography, he said that Iranian experts are now busy with designing, building and equipping an oceangoing research vessel " which will enjoy hi-tech research devices to be able to carry out research missions in seas and the oceans".

Chegini said that the building of the vessel will be completed by the end of spring.

In August 2011, the Iranian lawmakers discussed a bill which required the government to build oceangoing ships equipped with special engine and fuel technology allowing the vessel to traverse thousands of miles without any need to refueling.


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