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Guangzhou Port experiences 43pc record growth in container volume

source:Schednet author: time:2007-08-20  

Statistics from Guangzhou Port Authority show the container throughput came to 4.39 million TEU in the first half of 2007, up 43.3 per cent, the highest growth rate among all Chinese ports, reports Logistics Week.

The cargo throughput of Guangzhou Port increased by 10 per cent in the first half of this year to 166 million tons and as port expansion projects continued, especially those in Nanshan port area, the cargo throughput of Guangzhou Port is expected to reach 14 million TEU in 2010.

Nansha port area has six 100,000 tonne container berths, which handled 2.03 million TEU in the first half of this year, representing for a growth of 72.1 per cent.

Nansha port area is going to add four more 100,000-tonne container berths in September this year, bringing the total of container berths to 10. Guangzhou Port is expected to add a total of 39 deep-water berths during the 11th Five-Year Plan, the report said.

Meanwhile, a new development zone is emerging at the back of Nansha port area, which is expected to bring more cargo to Nansha port area.

"Based on the industrial hinterland on the west bank of the Pearl River and the operation of the container shuttle feeder services between Nansha and other Pearl River Delta ports, Nansha container throughput is expected to reach 4.4 million TEU," said chief Guangzhou port planner Yuan Huahui.

Guangzhou Port has been developing rapidly in recent years and its annual cargo throughput has been increasing by 50 million every year since 2004 and its container throughput kept rising at more than 40 per cent in 2005 and 2006.

The growth of cargo throughput is also a result of the deeper channels in Guangzhou Port. The port is planning to invest CNY2.9 billion (US$383 million) more to dredge its channels in Huangpu port area to accommodate 150,000-tonne vessels.

Guangzhou, with shipping services reaching 350 foreign ports and 100 domestic ports, is consisted of four port areas, including Neigang, Huangpu, Xinsha and Nansha.

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