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What are Post Receipts author: time:2014-09-18  

Post Receipt

The post receipt---postal receipt, parcel post receipt, or certificate of posting---is issued by the Post Office for goods sent by parcel post. The date stamped on the face of a post receipt is deemed to be the date of shipment or dispatch. It must be dated in the place from which the letter of credit (L/C) stipulates the goods are to be shipped or dispatched.

Parcel Post Shipments

In practice, most export shipments by parcel post belong to air parcel and do not have a letter of credit (L/C). The payment is often by cheque. The importer may use parcel post to avoid expenses in opening an L/C and in processing of goods on arrival. The consignment most often is a small order and the goods are consigned directly to the importer. Hence, unless the cheque is cashed or the integrity of the importer is unquestionable, the exporter must not dispatch the goods. Please refer to the Fly-By-Night Importers for related information.

The importer may request to dispatch the goods on different dates. For example if the order is 10 cartons, the importer may request to dispatch 2 cartons every 2 days.

The maximum weight and measurement requirements of a parcel may vary from country to country. Generally, the weight limit is 10-20 kilograms.


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