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Feeder Vessels and Transhipments in Relation to the Landbridge Services author: time:2014-09-11  

As export and import traffic increases worldwide, large container ships having a load capacity of 80,000 metric tons or more are expected to service the Trans-Pacific Route and other sea routes, calling at a limited number of deep-sea ports at each end of the voyage. Consequently, the network of feeder services serve by the smaller container ship, called the feeder vessel, serving the large deep-sea ports is expected to expand. In the process, a wider application of the landbridge is indispensable, particularly in North America, and the transhipment of export goods will become more frequent in certain trade routes. The ports of Hong Kong (China) and Singapore in Asia and the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) in Europe, for example, are popular ports of transhipment in the deep-sea voyage.

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