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What is Master and House Air Waybills author: time:2014-08-18  

The freight forwarder may consolidate the consignments of several independent shippers that are intended for the same airport of destination and dispatch them together under one air waybill (AWB) issued by the carrier, known as master air waybill (MAWB), with a cargo manifest detailing such consignments attached to the MAWB. The freight forwarder in turn issues to each shipper its own AWB, known as a house air waybill (HAWB) or freight forwarder's waybill.

In the case of air freight using a house air waybill (HAWB), just like in ocean freight using a house bill of lading (the freight forwarder's bill of lading), it is the freight forwarder's handling agent at destination, not the carrier, who notifies the consignee of the cargo arrival at destination.


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