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Turkey grows, Western and central Europe stumbles

source:transportweekly author: time:2014-04-29  

With airports at full capacity, night bans and airlines that are struggling to be profitable, the countries of the UK, France and Germany, for example, have a competitive disadvantage. "We have in central Europe a big problem. If I look to Turkey, the Middle East, Qatar [Airways], Emirates, Turkish airlines, they will take a big chunk," says Dusseldorf Cargo Airport general manager, Gerton Hulsman, speaking at the conference held on 22 April. "And my personal feeling is that if you look at an airline that uses [Dusseldorf], airberlin, they have a problem. You read they are almost bankrupt, Etihad [Airways] has 30 per cent and could go to 49 per cent, will there be enough market for consolidations? BA, Lufthansa, they have huge problems."Where Hulsman saw a future for cargo carriers was the move to larger aircraft, from the likes of the Airbus A320 to the Airbus A330, which he cited as jumping from a cargo capacity of two tonnes to 20 tonnes. "Many airlines are changing to bigger aircraft enabling more uplift," he adds. He also cites the Boeing 777 as an aircraft that takes 300 passengers, but can still hold 20 tonnes of freight on, "regular stretches [and] we are talking about an enormous increase in belly hold capacity."Turkey's Association of international forwarding and logistics service providers' board chairman, Turgut Erkeskin, told the conference he expects his country to double the size of its commercial aviation fleet to about 500 aircraft in the next ten years. Pegasus' vice president for cargo, Aydin Alpa, says: "We're confident that this conference, which we organised because of the importance we place on the development of the cargo sector, has been of great benefit to both students of logistics and to the whole of the sector." This year's conference speakers also included: Toll Group sales director, Ertan Aslano?lu, Reibel Transportation and Trade chairman of the board, Arif Badur, and Pegasus Airlines senior ground operations specialist, Burak T??rkmen.


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