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Canton Fair Celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

source: author: time:2007-08-21  

In Liuhua Complex, Guangdong Intellectual Property Office and China Foreign Trade Center held a promoting activity, whose topic was "Protecting Intellectual Property, Boosting Creative Development".

More than 50 companies who attended the Canton Fair signed their name on the promoting poster in order to support the protection of intellectual property.

The Potato Industry Grow After Case of Potato Dumping Won
In the Canton Fair, the potato production of Gansu is popular, with a forecast of five million dollars of the total deal, thanks to the winning of the case of potato dumping last year.

It is not the first time for the potato of Gansu came into the Canton Fair because of the high quality of the potato starch. However, bad effects struck the production of potato starch owned to the dumping of UN’s import of potato starch to China. The winning of the dumping case makes the industry of potato in Gansu developing in a healthy way.


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