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The Import Exhibition Space Shows ChinaӮs Decision to Balance Trade

sourceļ¼š authorļ¼š timeļ¼š2007-08-21  

The chief secretary of Canton Fair Wang Junwen made a conclusion to the fair which is drawing to an end Thursday, saying the fair has three major features compared with the passed ones.

First, the number of exhibitioners and the finished deals are larger than the past ones.
Secondly, more authority leaders pay attention to this time’s Canton Fair.
Finally, Wang especially stressed the new added import exhibition space. He said that it is the history mission for Premier Wen Jiabao to rename the Canton Fair and add the import exhibition, which showed the decision our government attempt to balance the import and export trade.

At the end of the interview, Wang also pointed out the problems emerging in the Canton Fair, the distance between Canton Fair and world top exhibitions. He said we had to aim to the top exhibitions in the world, in order to make Canton Fair one of the best exhibitions in the whole world.


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