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Viewtrans (Shanghai) Corporation

Viewtrans (Shanghai) was founded on May 31, 1998 born out of the Shanghai Hansheng Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. It is a first-class international freight forwarding corporation (No.MOFTEC09278) approved by Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China and has been qualified as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC number MOC-NV00802) by the Ministry of Communication. Viewtrans (Shanghai) is a member of China Association of Shipping Agencies & NVOCC Committee as well as the syndicate company of Shanghai Freight Forwarders Association.
There are a total of 60 employees and 9 departments including the Marketing Department, Overseas Department, Airfreight Department, Bulk Department, Shipping Export Department, Selling Department, Human Resources and Finance Department.
Viewtrans (Shanghai) specializes in container cargo shipping, bulk shipping and air transport. Container shipping focuses on exporting to Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Southeast Asia and America and imports containers all over the world. We also offer you advantages for bulk cargo import, export and transport service of large cargo.

Service Content:

. Export shipping: handling all business before and after export according to the consignment of customer; checking bills and documents provided by customer; preparing all kinds of documents; booking spaces and customs declaration; handling certificate of origin, insurance bill and commodity inspection; container leasing and packing; domestic shipping, inwards, and ship loading; releasing bills, settling freight and surcharge, and expressing domestic and foreign certification; handling overseas import declaration, rate paying, container disassembly, transfer transport, and delivery and handling overseas agency business.

. Import shipping: carrying on FOB according to the consignment of customer; handling all the business before and after import form overseas factories to domestic factories (door to door).

1. Checking bills and documents customers provided before entering terminal; reporting the voyage of ships; choosing best transport program and organizing best conveyance.

2. Customs transit, declaration, rate paying, insurance after cargo inward; checking the quantity and appearance of cargo, and making damage record; interchange, taking delivery of goods, dispatching; unloading and transferring at depot; consolidation, loading, and transfer transport; making program for loading, unloading, packing, reinforcement of large-size equipments and supervising loading and unloading on the spot.

. Air transportation: handling all business of airfreight according to the consignment of customer.

1. Import: checking the bills and documents provided by customers; customs transit; declaration; rate paying; customs inspection; storing; taking delivery of goods and transferring to appointed places.

2. Export: checking the bills and documents provided by customers, preparing all kinds of certification; booking space, customs declaration, inspection, and storing; delivering cargo to airports; settlement of freight and surcharge; expressing domestic and overseas certifications, etc.
. Bulk/Special Project Services: loading and unloading, transport, orientation and storing for oversize and overweight goods.

. Land transport: railway and highway transport services of import and export in Shanghai according to the consignment of customer; domestic transport of import goods, from Shanghai to its destination; domestic transport of export goods from other provinces and cities to its destination; making programs for transport, loading and unloading, packing, reinforcing and choosing transport means.

. Multimodal transport: door to door transport service by two or more means of transportation according to the consignment of customers,
sea transport / air transport rail transport highway transport;
sea transport / air transport river transport highway transport;
sea transport / air transport air transport highway transport.

. Storing Business: Storage, transfer transport, consolidation, container disassembly and loading of various goods; settlement, packaging, marking, pallet assembly of export goods; inter-provincial transport, etc.

Contact Info:

Address: 802, Haiwan Mansion, No. 53, Huangpu Road, Shanghai
Zip Code: 200080
telephone: 86-021-53930518
Fax: ?86-021-33010257, 33011656, 53930093, 53930094

1. CEO Office
Direct Line: 021-53930208, 53930209, 53930518-608, 53930518-609

2. Marketing Department
Direct Lines: 021-33010779, 63571286, 53931071, 53930207
Quote of Europe, Mediterranean and African sea lines
Direct lines: 021-53931071, 53930207, 53930518-401
Quote of America, Canada and South American sea lines
Direct lines: 021-33010779, 53931071, 53930518-508
Quote of Middle East and Australian sea lines
Direct lines: 021-63571286, 33010779, 53930518-403

3. Airfreight Department
Direct lines for quote: 021-53930816, 33010352, 53930518-302

4. Large Bulk Cargo Department
Direct lines for quote: 021-63571266, 63571277, 53930518-406

5. Import Operation Department
Direct lines for quote: 021-53930178, 33010153
6. Overseas Department
Customer Service direct line: 021-33011602

7. Shipping Export Operation Department
Customer service direct lines: 021-53930205, 53930206, 53930091, 53930092

8. Human Resources and Finance Department
Direct lines: 021-53930818, 53930518-701, 706

9. Office direct lines: 021-53930208, 53930518-707