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1. Applicability
1.1. These Rules apply when they are incorporated, however this is made, in writing, orally or otherwise, into a contract by referring to the FIATA Model Rules for Freight Forwarding Services.
1.2. Whenever such reference is made, the parties agree that these Rules shall supersede any additional terms of the contract which are in conflict with these Rules, except insofar as they increase the responsibility or obligations of the Freight Forwarder.

2. Definitions
2.1. Freight Forwarding Services means services of any kind relating to the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing or distribution of the Goods as well as ancillary and advisory services in connection therewith, including but not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaring the Goods for official purposes, procuring insurance of the Goods and collecting orprocuring payment or documents relating to the Goods.
2.2. Freight Forwarder means the person concluding a contract of Freight Forwarding Services with a Customer.
2.3. Carrier means any person actually performing the carriage of the Goods with his own means of transport (performing Carrier) and any person subject to carrier liability as a result of an express or implied undertaking to assume such liability (contracting Carrier).

2.4. Customer means any person having rights or obligations under the contract of Freight Forwarding Services concluded with a Freight Forwarder or as a result of his activity in connection with such services.
2.5. Goods means any property including live animals as well as containers, pallets or similar articles of transport or packaging not supplied by the Freight Forwarder.
2.6. SDR means a Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund.

2.7. Mandatory Law means any statutory law the provisions of which cannot be departed from by contractual stipulations to the detriment of the Customer.
2.8. In writing includes telegram, telex, telefax or any recording by electronic means.
2.9. Valuables means bullion, coins, money, negotiable instruments, precious stones, jewellery, antiques, pictures, works of art and similar properties.
2.10. Dangerous Goods means Goods which are officially classified as hazardous as well as Goods which are or may become of a dangerous, inflammable, radioactive noxious or damaging nature.

3. Insurance
No insurance will be effected by the Freight Forwarder, except upon express instructions given in writing by the Customer. All insurances effected are subject to the usual exceptions and conditions of the Policies of the Insurance Company or Underwriters taking the risk. Unless otherwise agreed inwriting the Freight Forwarder shall not be under any obligation to effect a separate insurance on each consignment, but may declare it on any open or general Policy held by the Freight Forwarder.

4. Hindrances
If at any time the Freight Forwarder's performance is or is likely to be affected by any hindrance or risk of any kind (including the conditions of the Goods) not arising from any fault or neglect of the Freight Forwarder and which cannot be avoided by the exercise of reasonable endeavour, the FreightForwarder may abandon the carriage of the Goods under the respective contract and, where reasonably possible, make the Goods or any part of them available to the Customer at a place which the Freight Forwarder may deem safe and convenient, whereupon delivery shall be deemed to have been made, and the responsibility of the Freight Forwarder in respect of such Goods shall cease.

In any event, the Freight Forwarder shall be entitled to the agreed remuneration under the contract and the Customer shall pay any additional costs resulting from the above-mentioned circumstances.

5. Method and route of transportation
The Freight Forwarder shall carry out his services according to the Customer's instructions as agreed. If the instructions are inaccurate or incomplete or not according to contract, the Freight Forwarder may at the risk and expense of the Customer act as he deems fit.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Freight Forwarder may without notice to the Customer arrange to carry the Goods on or under deck and choose or substitute the means, route and procedure to be followed in the handling, stowage, storage and transportation of the Goods.

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