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Announcement No. 66, 2007 of Ministry of Commerce

source: author: time:2007-08-27  

In accordance with the requirements of the Circular on Issuing the Collection and Storage Plan on 2006/2007 Homemade Sugar, the Ministry of Commerce decided to adopt the public bidding mode to collect and store some of the homemade white granulated sugar to supply the state sugar reserve. Matters of concern are notified as follows:

I. Organization
Related departments of Ministry of Commerce shall be responsible for the organization of the collection and storage. China Merchandise Reserve Management Center shall be responsible for the implementation. The dealing shall be implemented by the network system of Beijing Sugar Exchange of China Merchandise Reserve Management Center.
II. Amount, Variety, Price and Storeroom
300, 000 tons of I Level (and above) of GB317-2006 white granulated sugar, produced after October, 2006, Price of collection and storage is 3500 yuan per ton.
III. Time
The time of collection and storage is from July 27, 2007, at 9am-5pm of every Friday, until the collection reaches 300, 000 tons.
IV. Package and Label
The white granulated sugar shall be packed as 50kg (net weight) per bag. Expiration Date is recommended to be labeled.
V. Exchange Mode
Each share of Bidding of sugar collection and storage shall be at least 300 tons.

Ministry of Commerce

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